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What is the cost of a 12 month membership to Educalme Classroom?

$250 CAD per teacher. Click here to sign up.

How long do I have access to Educalme Classroom?

12 months from your enrollment date. When you purchase online with a credit card you will get instant access and your enrollment starts immediately. When you purchase by invoice, we will send you a code to enroll once payment is received and your subscription will start on the day that you use the code to create your account.

We will remind you by email when your subscription is almost up so that you can start planning to purchase again and you won’t have a lapse in access to Educalme Classroom. Your membership will not auto-renew.

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What happens if I don’t renew my membership after 12 months?

Your account will go back to the free trial version. You will have access to the Introduction to Mindfulness module but you will no longer be able to access the rest of the content.

Click here to start your free trial.

How many people is this membership licensed for?

This membership is licensed per teacher.

Each teacher will have their own private account and login information that they can use in their classroom/with their students. All content in Educalme Classroom is to be used by the teacher who owns the account with their students and not to be shared with other teachers that do not have a membership.

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Do you offer school or division/district licenses?

Yes we do! If you are interested in a school or division/district license click here and select Team. The form will probably answer any of your questions about a school or division/district licence.

If you still have questions after you’ve looked at the form, click here to contact us.

Do you offer discounts for school or division/district licenses?

Yes. The price of a 12 month membership to Educalme Classroom | École Educalme is $250 per teacher. When 5 or more teachers from one school enroll together a 10% discount will be automatically applied.

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Can I purchase a membership for more than 12 months at a time?

This option is available upon request. Contact us here if you would like to purchase an extended Educalme Classroom membership

What if I am unhappy with the membership?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. We cannot offer refunds after 30 days have passed. See our terms and conditions for more details.

If you’re unsure if Educalme Classroom will be a good fit for you, we suggest starting with the free trial before making your purchase.

What are the payment options?

You can pay online by credit card or you can request an invoice (purchase order) at checkout which can be paid by cheque or etransfer.

Do I have access to the Educalme Classroom | École Educalme curriculum in both languages, English and French?

Yes. When you purchase Educalme Classroom/École Educalme you have access to all the content in both English and French.

Do I need to take a professional development workshop before I can start using the program?

There’s a short training video in the Start Here section of the program that will teach you exactly how to use the program. We encourage all users to watch this video before getting started so that you can enjoy the best results in your classroom.

If you would like a more in depth training, we also offer professional development workshops. Click here to see upcoming dates and to register.

We also offer our in person training to schools and school districts. Click here for more information.

What if I have questions once I’ve enrolled in Educalme Classroom?

All members have access to our Educalme Classroom community forum where you can ask questions, share ideas and connect with the awesome Educalme Community! You can also ask questions directly to us from our contact page here.

Can a membership be transferred from one teacher to another?

If you have an individual membership then you can update your account information and allow the new owner to reset the password for your account giving them full access to your account going forward. To do this, sign in to your account and once in the “My Member Area”, navigate to the “My Account Details” section in the left-side menu and change the email address associated with your account along with any other account details. Log out and return to the login page. Click the forgot password link. Type in the new email address. The forgot password email will be sent to the new owner of the account allowing them to reset the password and take control of the account.

For owners and managers of teams, you are able to remove members from your team membership. You can do so by going to My Account > Teams > Members and selecting the Remove button next to the member you wish to remove from your team. Once a member is removed from your team the seat is then open to add a new member to the team.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

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