Worry, stress and anxiety are a reality in today’s schools. When students are distracted, their brains aren’t ready for learning. Getting them to calm down and focus can feel impossible. Don’t feel helpless, frustrated or overwhelmed any longer.

Teach your students to self-regulate through mindfulness using Educalme Classroom.

With Educalme Classroom, students and teachers learn concrete skills for emotional wellness and mental health. They both leave the classroom better equipped to overcome life’s challenges.

Don’t waste another minute searching the internet to piece together videos and lessons that won’t systematically teach your students social-emotional skills. Get Educalme Classroom, the step by step, full year, online mindfulness program that is transforming classrooms and improving student wellness and learning.

Educalme Classroom prepares students’
brains and bodies for learning

Set the foundation for a calm, focused classroom.

We have the tools to get you there.

The Balanced Educator Podcast and Blog

The Balanced Educator Podcast and Blog

Learn about mindfulness and gain strategies to help you feel more calm, balanced and joyful both in and out of the classroom for free.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness

Get the first unit of the Educalme Classroom online program and learn exactly how to implement it. The biggest obstacle is getting started. We’ll guide you through it!

Educalme Classroom

Educalme Classroom

Prioritize social-emotional learning for student success. Get a full year mindfulness program for the classroom and connect with like-minded teachers in our community forum.

What you get in Educalme Classroom

Log in to your member area & get everything you need to easily
practice mindfulness with your students.

The Core Practice

Schedule Educalme Classroom into your daily routine.

Listen to 2 or 5 minute audio recordings daily to prepare your students for calm and focused learning.

No need to facilitate. You get to participate.

Lesson Plans & Printables

Dive deeper into social-emotional learning.

Link the core practice to your regular teaching curriculum with inclusive activities, projects, discussion topics and more. No prep required.

Educalme Classroom


Connect in the Educalme Community forum.

You don’t need to go at it alone. Collaborate with like-minded teachers in our supportive and helpful community.


Feel confident teaching mindfulness.

Watch the teacher training videos to create your Educalme Classroom Success Plan so that you can comfortably teach your students to self-regulate.

Empower students to manage their own emotions and behaviours.
Do what you love, teach.

Why Sara loves Educalme Classroom
Why students love Educalme Classroom
Why Maria loves Educalme Classroom

Hey! We’re Kailey and Josianne, the teachers who created Educalme Classroom.

We were facing burnout in our teaching careers. We were struggling to meet our students’ diverse social-emotional needs, let alone our own needs as teachers…until we discovered mindfulness.

Implementing this daily practice helped us to feel calm, balanced and joyful and to be our best selves in the classroom. We knew we had to share this with our students who often came to school stressed, worried, and unable to concentrate on academics, but we were dissatisfied with the lack of quality mindfulness resources that work in a real-life classroom.

This inspired us to develop Educalme Classroom, the complete classroom mindfulness program that has been proven to create a well-managed and healthy learning environment for both students and teachers.

What teachers and students think about Educalme Classroom

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